Avant Browser 2013 build 113

No Image Avant Browser`s user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have steadily improved its reliability. Multi-Processing: Multi-Processing design offers you a crash-free, lock-up-free, memory-leak-free internet browsing experience and high reliability. When one tab fails, it won`t freeze the browser or pull other pages down. Online Bookmarks: Access your Bookmarks with Avant

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AVANTRIX CD-DVD Writer 1.0.1

With AVANTRIX CD-DVD Writer, creating data CD`s or data DVD`s couldn`t be any easier. This easy to use and flexible CD/DVD writing application allows you to quickly add files to burn to CD or DVD and burn your new disc in a snap! If you`ve ever been overwhelmed by a ton of features in other CD/DVD writing applications, then AVANTRIX CD-DVD Writer is for you.

write cd, write dvd, burner

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AVANTRIX SafeCheck 1.0

With AVANTRIX SafeCheck, you can safely download information on any messages in your POP3 email account inbox before downloading the messages with your default email client. This ensures you only get the email you want and protect yourself from embedded viruses in the incoming email as well as virus infected attachments. With the AVANTRIX SafeCheck, you can ensure your computer is better protected from harmful email.

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Avant4u Personal Firewall The best you can buy to protect your home computer and Network.  30 DAYs Trial
Avant4u Personal Firewall

Avant4u Personal Firewall guard against online intrusion, keeps your computer shielded from hackers by blocking all unsolicited network connections and traffic to your computer without hampering your browsing experience.In addition to making your computer invisible, it gives you full control over what programs on your computer gain access to the Internet. Avant4u Personal Firewall gives you multiple pre-set levels of protection.

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Avant4u Security Suite The best you can buy to protect your home computer. Free 30 DAYs Trial
Avant4u Security Suite

Avant4u Security Suite, incorporates -Spamblocker-AnonymousSurfing-AntiSpy-Firewall-MyPrivacy-PopUpSlasher-PasswordOrganizer-Avant4uSecuritySuite handles annoying ad-wares, data-mining scum-ware, key-loggers, trojans, premium number dialers, browser hijackers, Surveillance programs, tracking cookies, worms, malware, P2P, nukers, browser helper objects, downloaders and other tracking components that gather information.

antispyware, antispy, my privacy, popup blocker, antivirus, anonymous surfing, password organizer, spamblocker, anti hacker, anti virus, spam blocker, internet security software, firewall

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AVANTRIX System Backup 1.0

With AVANTRIX System Backup, backing up your entire Windows system couldn`t be any easier. Simply select the drive or partition that you want to backup and select the destination device. Your entire system will be backed up, including all raw data and the operating system. If disaster strikes, you can easily restore everything right back to the way it was in a snap!

system backup, restore, disaster recovery, backup

Avant4u MyPrivacy 2.0.2: must-have privacy protection for every Internet user: 30 DAYs Trial
Avant4u MyPrivacy 2.0.2

Avant4uMyPrivacy is a privacy tool that helps you maintain your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your Internet and PC activities. It helps you erase data you may have entered like personal information in online forms, Urls in your browser address bar, files you searched for, etc. Data that otherwise would be exposed to other users of your computer. It also helps you clear the files from both the Temp & the Temporary Internet Explorer folders.

password organizer, anonymous surfing, spamblocker, spam blocker, firewall, my privacy, file encryptor, myprivacy, popup blocker, popup killer, personal firewall

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